Chapman University: 5th Hottest Dorm in America?

Campus Splash

When thinking of a post to do about Chapman University, I couldn’t think of anything. I was trying to think of different facts or statistics that I heard around campus. One that I have heard from multiple people is that this past year, Glass Hall was awarded 5th Hottest Dorm in America. At first, my initial reaction was, “No way, Chapman is such a small university. How did Glass Hall get noticed?” Then, I actually looked it up. It’s actually true.

At first I didn’t know whether to take this as a compliment to our school or not. I mean, I live in Henley and this statistic does not pertain to this year, but I still thought, “Wow, I guess I am going to a school with some good-looking people.” At the same time, I wonder if our school is taken seriously or seen as “good for it’s looks.” I also wonder how “hotness” is accounted for. Who judges the “hotness” of the people on campus.

When reflecting on my thoughts on measuring “hotness”, I think of typical stereotypes all of us have. One of these stereotypes definitely has to do with the idea that if a person is good-looking or takes time to look good, they are not very intelligent. Reversing the roles, people that don’t take care of themselves are not necessarily intelligent. I am not going to lie, I am guilty of believing in this stereotype. Do you believe that these stereotypes are common misconceptions that will probably never change?

In your opinion, are these rankings worth looking at? Do you believe that this is good or bad publicizing for the school? Overall, do you think this is a good representation of our school? Comment with your thoughts on this poll!


6 thoughts on “Chapman University: 5th Hottest Dorm in America?

  1. In your opinion, are these rankings worth looking at?
    Yes, it’s helpful to know EVERYTHING about a university to take into consideration. I’m not going to lie. I actually knew that fact, and that Chapman’s party scene frequently gets “rolled.” It didn’t really make me want to come here (having the information up could lead to the wrong students choosing Chapman, but it’s really none of my business. Also the rankings have no control so they should be taken at face value as probably made up statistics. But that doesn’t mean the information isn’t informative to future college students.

    Do you believe that this is good or bad publicizing for the school?
    Pros: More publicity for the school
    More “hot” people come to Chapman
    Chapman becomes known as a “hot” school

    Cons: …

    I can’t say there are any cons because I’m not sure how high the grade point average of the “hot” students is. I can’t judge “hot” people’s intellect (because they were clearly good enough to get in) and Chapman has a large theater, art, film and dance program. Who am I to say only people that are good at math or science are smart? The subjects are completely different.

    Overall, do you think this is a good representation of our school?
    Define “good.” I certainly think it’s an acurrate representation of our school. The guys here are damn fine and the girls alway dress nicely. I don’t want to be labeled as the “hot,” “smart,” or “ugly” school, but I accept what Chapman is. A hot weather, SoCal Univerisity with “hot” students.

    • I completely agree that people should look at every aspect of a college before choosing. This includes the social aspect of college. However, I don’t know if I would rely on this source. I also believe that any sort of publicity for the school is good (unless it’s negative). If I could restate the last question, I would state it as positive instead of good. In the end, Chapman can have many labels, but only the person can decide what they want to label Chapman. Thanks fior the commment ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Although many would be flattered with this level of recognition, what upsets me is the fact that people are overlooking the aspects about Chapman University that makes this school great. A college should…no correction must be more than just looks because at the end of the day we are here to earn an education, as cheesy as it sounds. In addition, it’s very sad how the achievements of this school are often forgotten due to people’s superficial judgments on fashion and facial bone structures.

    • I definitely agree with you when it comes to overlooking the school. I don’t think Chapman would want people to apply just because it has the 5th Hottest Dorm. You make some really great points. Thanks for the comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I live in glass and I definitely would be very sad for our country if I live in the 5th hottest dorm in the U.S.! Otherwise, I think that this is a bad thing to publicize as far as Chapman’s reputation goes. Personally, I think that our school’s stereotype is that the students are a group of superficial, partying, skinny, white kids that waste their parents’ money. I don’t agree with this, but I can also see how people think that this is true because of all that I have seen gone on in and around the dorms. I would really rather have a reputation that we are hard working kids that are going to make something out of our lives, and although I’m sure that people think this too, I feel that the other stereotype is more common. All I know is that the kids that are “super hot” (probably self-labeled) and party all of the time sure aren’t on the right track to success in my opinion. That time should be spent studying or working in order for our school to be respected for something other than our looks.

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